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AA analyzes for the presence of chemical species that provide information regarding the biodegradation of contaminants in soil and groundwater. These chemical species include:

• Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
• Dissolved Carbon Dioxide
• Dissolved Methane, Ethane, Ethene
• Dissolved Hydrogen
• pH
• Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)
• Specific Conductance
• Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
  • Volatile Fatty Organic Acids
• Nitrate
• Divalent Manganese
• Ferrous Iron
• Sulfate
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Chloride

Long term monitoring of these chemical species can provide valuable information about the potential and actual occurrence of biodegradation of contaminants in the subsurface. The information can also be incorporated into existing modeling programs that can help predict the fate and transport of contaminants in the subsurface.

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