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Our comprehensive QA/QC program focuses on the generation of high quality data that is on-time and responsive to the client’s needs, and is also in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

AA utilizes a Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC) program that provides both the stationary and mobile laboratory personnel with the information, tools and training required to generate a high quality product. The AA QA/QC Manual provides the policies, procedures and organization, objectives and QA/QC activities incorporated in all AA operations to achieve established data quality objectives. The manual incorporates information pertaining to:

  • Sample collection, preservation, custody, and handling
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Instrument calibration procedures
  • Internal quality control checks
  • Data recording, reduction, validation, and reporting
  • Performance and systems audits
  • Corrective action
  • Instrument maintenance and repair
  • Employee training
  • Safety

The QA/QC procedures specific to methods of analyses are detailed in the AA methodspecific SOPs. For a description of the process used to develop and validate QA/QC procedures for analytical methods, click here.

We ensure that sample integrity is maintained throughout the laboratory by following EPA protocols, good laboratory practices and proper handling, preparation and analysis of the environmental samples. To ensure sample integrity, chemical and physical determinations of environmental samples are performed in a contaminant free work environment.

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