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PFAS Sampling Reference Guides


California Water Board PFAS Drinking Water Sampling Guide

Personal Care

Equipment Decontamination PFAS Guide

Alconox Technical  Bulletin

Trizma SDS/MSD





Understanding the potential risks associated with PFAS contamination is important for protecting public health and the environment, as well as for mitigating potential legal and financial liabilities. Conducting PFAS testing can help businesses identify potential sources of PFAS contamination in their operations and products, and develop appropriate strategies to minimize these risks. This can include implementing best practices for PFAS management, investing in treatment technologies to remove PFAS from wastewater or other effluents, and working with suppliers to ensure that PFAS-containing materials are not used in products or processes. By taking proactive steps to address PFAS contamination, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and protect their reputation.

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